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The Tycho Brahe Museum

Tycho Brahe Heritage
The site contains Tycho Brahe's underground observatory Stjärneborg, a reconstructed Renaissance Garden, the New Tycho Brahe museum, Café Tycho Brahe, the museum shop and a Science centre.

The new museum is located in the former All Saints Church in the direct vicinity of the Uraniborg site. The new museum covers Tycho Brahe's life, his scientific significance and activities at the Uraniborg mansion. The exhibition contains films, archaeological discoveries from the area, reconstructed instruments, models, images and multimedia. The two films - The celestial castle and The celestial order - are shown continuously. Himlaborgen is a 3-D animated film where we let Shakespeare's
Ariel and the spirits melted into thin air visit Uraniborg mansion. Den himmelska nyordningen tells how the modern picture of the universe was formed from Copernicus to Newton. Two of the instruments used by Tycho Brahe in Stjärneborg have been reconstructed by Czech craftsmen. The large steel quadrant and the astronomical sextant. Text and film will be available in three languages: Swedish, Danish and English. Texts will also be translated into German. The celestial order  is available with subtitles.

European Museum of the Year Award

In 2007 the Tycho Brahe museum was nominated for the prestigious Museum of the Year Award. The prize, which has existed since 1977, is sponsored by the Council of Europe. A total of three prizes are awarded. Sixty museums were entered for the prize and 28 was nominated. The winner for 2007 was the Bremerhaven Emigration Centre.