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Tycho Brahe´s look at knowledge

In the days of Tycho Brahe, science and the view of the world were connected. Life was seen as one unit, as a movement starting from the top and going downwards. The movement started with God. Enthroned above the eighth heaven – the fixed star heaven – He, with the help of the angels, set this and thereby the seven other heavenly spheres in motion.

They moved in a predetermined way in relation to each other. This was called the harmony of the spheres, or the music of the spheres, that could not be heard by mortals, but could only be enjoyed by the angels. From there, the motion was carried on downwards to earth, in the centre of the world, to the world of the four elements. Here it caused an infinity of movement, from the changing of the seasons, the ebb and flow to the rising of the sap of life within people, animals and plants. These movements made up what was defined as life. Tycho Brahe’s research in medicine, chemistry, alchemy, astrology and astronomy were therefore different aspects of the same thing.