Language and information

Exhibition in the former All Saints Church

  • All touch screens at the museum provide text in Swedish, English and German. Screens are at a height of 100 cm / 39 in.
  • All exhibition information boards have Swedish text with an English summary. Image captions are in Swedish only. Information boards are at a height of 70 cm / 26 in.
  • Orion and Cassiopeja film screening rooms The films are available in spoken and subtitled versions in Swedish, English and Danish. They run according to a set schedule; if you have any particular requests, please ask at the museum entrance.
  • The digital information about Den astronomiska sextanten (The astronomical sextant) is available only in Swedish or English. Reading height 67 cm / 26 in.
  • Information about how to measure using the smaller sextant is available only in Swedish. Height of sextant: 100 cm / 39 in.

Signage in the museum grounds

All signage in the grounds is in Swedish and English. Heights and materials vary – see below.

  • The historical playground The information boards are round and a distinct yellow colour. Note that they are at different heights and vary from game to game. The surface around the information boards is either grass or sand.
  • Castle Gardens and Renaissance Garden. The boards are at a height of 95–110 cm / 37–43 in. measured to the bottom of the glass signs; the text is printed onto glass with a red background. The surface around the boards is gravel.

Signage in the garden

  • The signage by the beds in the more experimental garden is at a height of 45 cm / 18 in. The text is in Swedish and English.
  • The plant tags have text in Latin, Swedish and Danish and are at the level of the beds.

The trees in the fruit grove have name plates hanging from their branches at various heights ranging from 50 to 120 cm / 20 to 47 in. Text in Latin, Swedish and Danish.