Travelling to Ven

From Skeppsbron, Landskrona

Ventrafiken ferries to Ven from Landskrona leave from Skeppsbrokajen quay at 1 Österleden. The terminal area includes a waiting room, ticket counter, toilets (including accessible toilets), timetables (for Ven ferries, local and regional bus connections and trains), seats and vending machines providing coffee and confectionery. There is parking at the terminal. For more information, please contact

Waiting room
The main entrance to the building is a revolving door, but there is also an ‘ordinary’ door with an automatic door-opener. Immediately inside these doors there is a sign showing where the ticket counter and toilets are located. Inside the waiting room there are information screens giving timetables and ticket prices for the crossing to Ven.

The doors at the terminal have automatic door-openers. Unfortunately, wheelchair users are not able to use the toilets on board the ferries. M/S Uraniborg has a small accessible toilet but those with a larger or normal-sized wheelchair will find this difficult to access. Please use the toilets in the waiting room.

The ferries
There are two ferries, and boarding in both cases is via the car deck.

  • M/S Stjerneborg
    This boat has two lounges alongside the car deck, one of which is designated for people with physical disabilities or allergies. Rules for use of this space are set out on notices on board. As this area has been specially adapted for accessibility, there are fewer seats than in the lounge on the other side. No pets are allowed in the accessible lounge; these must travel on other decks or in other areas of the boat. As there is no lift, those with mobility issues may find it difficult to access the sun deck.
  • M/S Uraniborg
    There is no lounge on this boat accessible from the car deck, so passengers must be able to use stairs or a lift. The lift is restricted in size and gives access only to the cafeteria deck. No pets are allowed in this lounge. Passengers with pets must use a different lounge that unfortunately is accessible only by stairs. (In an emergency, passengers on M/S Uraniborg must go to the deck above the cafeteria deck, which will be difficult for those with mobility issues or unable to walk. Emergency procedures require passengers to travel down a slide from the higher deck into a lifeboat.)

From Nyhamn, Copenhagen

Sparshipping ApS operates a service between Copenhagen and Ven during the summer months. Access is possible for small wheelchairs but unfortunately not for power wheelchairs.

Unfortunately the on-board toilet is not accessible, having a high step and limited floor area. The crew will assist where possible. For more information, please contact