Travelling about on Ven

The harbour on Ven is at Bäckviken. This is the hub for all transport, and it
is easy to get from here to other places on the island.

The terminal
This is where you’ll find the essentials such as seats and ticket machines. Toilets, including an accessible toilet, are housed in a separate building. Because the waiting room is separate from the toilet building, you can get to the toilets without having to go through the waiting room.

Ven has a bus service. Wheelchairs can be accommodated but we recommend that you book in advance at Bear in mind that there are only a few bus stops on the island; just let the driver know where you want to get off.

One alternative to the bus is a tractor-trailor. Booking information can be found at Hop-on / hop-off tickets are available at certain periods. Visitors with disabilities must book their trip, and the number of any wheelchairs, to ensure that a ramp is available.

Ven’s on-call taxi service is accessed by contacting Pelle Nordqvist at or +46 (0)72 57 26013.

Vens Cykeluthyrning (Ven cycle hire) is located just over the top of the hill in Bäckviken, supplying various different types of bicycle as well as electric bikes, golf carts and cycle trailers. Book at

It is possible, although not straightforward, to get around the island on foot or in a wheelchair; many routes are gravel roads and/or partly off-road. There are two cycle tracks that are extremely steep with loose gravel. One is the track to Hakens fyr lighthouse beyond the youth hostel and the other is the track between Kyrkbacken and Fyrvägen. The surfaced roads and cycle tracks are shown on the map.
For more information, please contact Destinationsenheten (the Tourism Section) at

There is a ramped accessible jetty at Norreborg (bathing area and marina); see map.