The Tycho Brahe Museum must be accessible to all

In 2016, the Tycho Brahe Museum employed a consultant to undertake an accessibility audit. Our aim is for everyone to be able to visit the Museum and have access to the same experiences and information. We provide e-readers to enable access to the ancient monuments and historic buildings on the site that cannot be physically modified, and these are available for loan at the Museum. Please see the map for information about gates, paths and physical accessibility.

If you would like further information, please get in touch by emailing

Key to numbers on map:

  1. Entrance and entrance doors
  2. Gates 90 cm / 35 in.
  3. Ramp 220 cm / 87 in.
  4. Gravel paths, approx. 230 cm / 90 in.
  5. Cellar at servants’ quarters
  6. Garden paths 60–85 cm / 24–33 in.
  7. Garden paths 120 cm / 47 in.
  8. Urania Titani exhibition
  9. Earth banks
  10. Uraniborg Castle, entrances 120–160 cm / 47–63 in.
  11. Pestiae Elixiris exhibition
  12. Hoc vallum exhibition
  13. Turnstiles
  14. Stjärneborg Observatory
  15. Tycho Brahe Café
  16. Toilets – WCs and accessible toilets

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