To Scale Planet Orbit Trail

The Trail extends from the Tycho Brahe Museum to the mainland

At the Museum a scaled planet orbit trail begins which gives one an idea of planetary distances to each other in a fun and educative way. The trail begins with the sun in front of the All Saints Church and continues over the museum area all the way down to the harbor in Bäckviken. Here you can wander along the country road and encounter the various celestial bodies as planet shaped signs along the way.

Each planet is equipped with easily accessible and informative text. Neptune and Uranus had, according to the scale, landed in the sound between Landskrona and Ven and are therefore not included. In Borstahusen, north of Landskrona there is a sign showing the distance to the former planet Pluto. In the Museum’s entrance, you can get a folder of the planet trail with a map and more detailed information. It can also be obtained at the Landskrona tourist office.


The design of the sun sculpture: Björn Ed, Architect
Text: Associate Professor Marie Rådbo
The planet trail was built up with the help of grants from the EU Goal2 Islands, Region Skåne, The Future Culture Foundation and Landskrona Home Corp. Ven’s goat cheese, Ven’s bicycle rental and Christer Eriksson have freely offered land for the planet models.