Renaissance Garden

A reconstructed Renaissance Garden

Around Tycho Brahe’s castle Uraniborg there was an amazing botanical garden. It was a symbol of the Renaissance ideals shaped into squares, triangles and circles. The idea was that the garden would reproduce the Garden of Eden. Fruits and herbs were cultivated here, which they later used in Tycho Brahe’s alchemical medicine works. The garden also contained a gatehouse, official residence and printing facilities.

When Tycho left Ven the compound was gradually destroyed. Starting in the 1990s, it has been resurrected in part, with about one half having been reconstructed. Here, plants were planted that are known to have existed in Danish castles and the abbey gardens in the 16th century. The still-ongoing research work is carried out in collaboration with the University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp.


Urania Titani – The Evocative Gazebo

Tycho Brahe’s garden was used for more than just growing herbs, fruits and vegetables. Among the plants and flower beds, a spiritual experience was found. The gazebo might give you a feeling of how a quiet moment was for those who lived and visited Uraniborg Garden. Sit down, play a game, listen to the lute, study a poem and wonder about life.