Outdoor Exhibitions

Outdoor exhibition of the Renaissance Garden

The exhibition area is not only limited to the former All Saints Church. Directly west of the Renaissance Garden a small outdoor exhibit is featured that tells about Tycho Brahe’s paper mill and book printing press. In order to facilitate the provision of its publications a printing house was built on the castle grounds. A coast situated mill attached to a gigantic pond system produced the paper for the books. The exhibition is included in museum school programs Machina Mundi as being the site for simple but instructive paper production.



Hoc Vallum e Molam

“This wall of the paper mill with all implements as well as the overlying fishing ponds has Tycho Brahe from Knutstorp built on a place, where it previously did not exist something like it, after a plan, under their own management and at his own expense, for the good of the motherland, for himself and for his descendants. Begun in 1590, completed in 1592”.

“Hoc vallum e molam” or “this wall of the mill”, is the first line’s inscription on the memorial stone that Tycho erected over the paper mill. The mill was one of the first of its kind, so it was not at all surprising that Tycho as the building owner was proud.


Urania Titani – The Gazebo of Senses

The outdoor exhibiton Urania Titani about Tycho as a poet. Here you can settle down, play a game, listen to the lute, study a poem and think about life.