Basic Exhibition

An account of his life and activities in words and images

The museum’s exhibition on the life of Tycho Brahe and scientific achievement is housed in the former All Saints Church. The Interior provides a beautiful setting related to the celestial quest to understand how God created the universe. Here are the original objects from Brahe’s operations on Ven in the form of architectural details from Uraniborg and Stjärneborg, a book from the in-house print shop with papers from the coast located mill, as well as part of the wooden wheels that drove the letter to the plant.


In the exhibition there are even two reconstructed measuring instruments, made with great skill by Czech artisans in Prague. Short films about Castle Uraniborg and scientists such as Tycho and Copernicus, which paved the way for our modern world view, are displayed in two smaller salons. Additional models, interactive stations and photographs linking the exhibition to a fascinating overall image of Tycho Brahe’s colorful life and groundbreaking works are also featured.