About the Museum

In the middle of Ven

The Tycho Brahe Museum is located at the site of the Skansk/Danish astronomers compound on the island Ven, in the middle of the Öresund. The Museum is operated by Landskrona leisure and cultural management in collaboration with the national property board, which owns the land and the buildings. The area consists of the exhibition in the former All Saints Church, Observatory Stjärneborg, the recreated Renaissance Garden, Idea History Children’s Park and a planet orbit trail done to scale. The remains of Brahe’s Castle and Observatory are fixed ancient monuments in the area. The Museum also includes a store and an adjoining café.

The Museum was started in the 1930´s and was originally housed in the building that today makes up the store and entrance. In 2003 the World View Network was formed between museums which manage remnants and efforts from Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, Galilei and Newton. The aim was to highlight how the scientists laid the basis for our modern world view through international cooperation.


As a result of the network, a new exhibition opened in 2005 at the nearby church, which had been taken out of service two years earlier. Here you can see original objects, reconstructed instruments and films depicting the life and importance of Brahe’s science.

The Museum seems to spread knowledge of Tycho Brahe’s time on Ven and create an interest in his life’s work. This is done through a broad range of educational activities for the general public and schools, as well as through ad hoc events and exhibitions.

Tycho Brahe’s work has been fundamental in creating our modern worldview. This makes the museum one of the most important scientific historical places in northern Europe.